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Introductory Python Programming Sessions in Kuwait

KBSoft will be conducting a series of introductory sessions designed to introduce programmers to new programming tools and to help improve their programming skills. The sessions are:

Sunday, Nov 21st 2010 7pm — 9pm: An Introduction to Revision Control with Git.

The goal of this session is to introduce how revision control systems can be an indispensable tool to programmers. Git will be the tool of choice for this session and we will go through a number of exercises to show how useful it can be to both individual programmers and programming teams. We will also be introducing a number of best practices for using using Git and help the attendees get more familiar with the system.

Tuesday, Nov 23rd 2010 7pm — 9pm: An Introduction to the Python Programming Language.

The goal of this session is to introduce python as a general purpose programming language that can be used to solve most problems faced by programmers in Kuwait. There will be a number of exercises to introduce the language syntax and features. In addition to an overview of some of the useful packages in the standard library, language best practices, and how to setup a functional development environment.

Thursday, Nov 25th 2010 7pm — 9pm: An Introduction to Web Application Development with Django.

The goal of this session is to introduce Django as the tool of choice for web development. Our approach will be to contrast the Django development model with that of the common PHP model that most attendees might be familiar with as they explored and learned PHP. We will be introducing the main components of the Django framework and go through a simple exercise that would give the users an appreciation of how useful and time-saving this framework can be.

The sessions will be held in Kuwait Information Technology Society (KITS, formerly KCS) in AlRawda. The building is at the very corner of AlRawda directly in front of AlJabriya and on the intersection of the 4th ring road with King Fahad Highway.


  • Understanding of at least a single programming language (e.g., php, vb, c, Java)

  • Laptop with the following installed to go through the exercises (No love will be shown for Windows users, your on your own ;) ):

  • Strongly recommended: bring your own internet connection, as the connection there might not be reliable